Institute of Banking Personnel Selection- Main Bank Exams

The Main IBPS Bank Exams

IBPS Bank Exams: The Institute Of Banking Personnel Selection or IBPS is an autonomous body administered by a governing board comprising representatives from PSU Banks, RBI, NABARD, IBPS, IBA, and nominees from the Finance Ministry.

IBPS helps organizations by rendering various services in the area of personnel recruitment and related works. This includes designing methods for appropriate tests, evaluation of answers, handling results, placements, etc.

IBPS focuses mainly on following six areas:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Promotion
  3. Admission test & Certification
  4. Assessment Center
  5. Group exercise-related Personality feature Assessment
  6. Registration of Applications

CRP the Umbrella Project

Although these are the main focus areas of IBPS, the Common Recruitment Process (CRP) is its prime or umbrella project. Generally, IBPS is known more importantly for conducting Common Written Examinations (CWE) for recruiting personnel in Public Sector Banks.

Since 1978, this was the responsibility of the Banking Service Recruitment Boards (BSRBs) and the Central Recruitment Board. In May 2002, the Government abolished BSRBs bypassing the ‘Banking Services Commission (Repeal) Bill 2002’ in Parliament.

As mentioned, IBPS services are not limited to PSU Banks alone. The Institute manages recruitments, examinations, and training for Organizations such as LIC, RBI, NABARD, SBI, and RRBs. Besides, entities such as the private sector banks and cooperative banks also avail their services as and when the need arises.

IBPS Bank Exams

IBPS Bank Exams

IBPS holds Common Recruitment Process (CRP) for the following categories of Bank Staff for PSU banks and Regional Rural banks.

  1. CRP Clerks
  2. CRP Probationary Officers (PO)/ Management Trainees (MT)
  3. CRP Specialist Officers (SO)
  4. CRP RRB Office Assistant
  5. CRP RRB Officers (Scale-I, Scale-II, Scale-III)

Different IBP Bank Exams

IBPS Clerk

This exam is conducted for the selection of Clerks in public sector banks (PSBs)


This exam is meant for the recruitment of Probationary Officers and Management Trainees for PSBs


This exam is for finding the right candidates for Specialist officers Scale- 1 in the PSBs

IBPS RRB Office Assistant

This exam is for selecting Office Assistants (equivalent to Clerks in PSBs) in Regional Rural Banks (RRBs).

IBPS RRB Officers Scale 1 –

This exam is for recruiting Officers of Scale 1 (Equivalent to POs in PSBs) in RRBs.

IBPS RRB Officer Scale-II and Sale-III

This exam is for the recruitment of Officers of Scale-II and Scale-III in RRBs. The posts are equivalent to Manager/SOs and Senior Manager respectively in PSBs.

IBPS Bank ExamSelection Process

1. IBPS Bank Exams CRP Clerks

Usually, the advertisement of the IBP CRP Clerks Examination is responded to in large numbers as the bank clerk job remains a favorite for a good number of job seekers. Getting a bank clerk job, although relatively a junior grade level, is a great relief for many job aspirants. The main attractions include decent incentives, job satisfaction, longer stay in the same district, and a relatively lesser degree of risks and responsibilities.

The IBP CRP for Bank Clerks is carried out in three stages:

  1. Preliminary Exam
  2. Main Exam
  3. Provisional Allotment

2. IBPS Bank Exams –CRP PO/MT

IBP CRP PO/MT is one of the most popular examinations with a large number of vacancies and equally large responses every year. One important reason why candidates apply for this post in large numbers is its easy eligibility criteria.

You can apply for the post if you are a graduate in any discipline and in the age group of 20- 30 years. There is absolutely no minimum mark condition to apply for the post.

The CRP for PO/MT is 04-phase exercise:

  1. Preliminary Exam
  2. Main Exam
  3. Interview
  4. Provisional Allotment

 3. IBPS Bank Exams-CRP Specialist Officers

The institute conducts this examination for the recruitment of candidates for the post of specialist officers. Banks require specialist officers to carry out tasks and address issues effectively in a multisectoral environment. They are required to use their skill and knowledge in such specialized areas.

Generally, IBPS conducts CRP for following 06 specialist categories

  • I.T. Officer (Scale I)
  • Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I)
  • Rajbhasha Adhikari (Scale I)
  • Law Officer (Scale I)
  • HR/Personnel Officer (Scale I)
  • Marketing Officer (Scale I)

There are 04 stages for the recruitment process

  1. Preliminary Exam
  2. Main Exam
  3. Interview
  4. Provisional Allotment

4. IBPS Bank Exams-CRP RRB (Office Assistant)

Office Assistants in an RRB are assumed to be the equivalent of Clerical staff in a PSB

Here, the process of recruitment is carried out in 03 phases:

  • Preliminary Exam
  • Main Exam
  • Provisional Allotment

5. IBPS Bank Exams- CRP RRB (Officer Scale-I, Scale -II, Scale-III)

IBPS conducts the CRP RRB Examination for Officer Scale I, II and III for the selection of candidates for the posts of Officer Scale-I (equivalent to PO post in a PSB), Officer Scale-II (equivalent to Specialist Officers/ Managers in a PSB) and Officer Scale III (equivalent to the post of Senior Manager in a PSB).

The recruitment process for Officer Scale-I is carried out in Four Stages:

  • Preliminary Exam
  • Main Exam
  • Interview
  • Provisional Allotment

The CRP for Officer Scale-II and III is carried out in Three Stages:

  • Single Examination
  • Interview
  • Provisional Allotment

Registration Process

The only mode for registration of application is online at IBPS’s official Website

  • Obviously, you will be required to submit the duly filled application
  • Pay for the application fee online & Upload the following documents
  • Your recent photograph – 20 kb to 50 kb in .jpeg file
  • Your Signature – 10 kb to 20 kb in .jpeg file
  • Your Thumb impression – 20 kb to 50 kb in .jpeg file
  • Scanned Copy of handwritten declaration in the prescribed format (see Notification)

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