Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English) Trade

 Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English) trade

The Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English) trade is a vocational trade to help youngsters to become trained professionals to provide personal administrative support to the employer/ company in an organized way. It teaches you to engage in various administrative, and clerical activities in order to run an office professionally.

The curriculum for the Stenographer Secretarial Assistant trade is designed to develop and impart knowledge to students to acquire a variety of skills systematically. This includes verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail, confidentiality, planning and organizing, time management, interpersonal skills, customer-service orientation, initiative, reliability, stress tolerance, etc.

Achieving these skills through classroom coaching and refining them by regular on-the-job training programs will help you perform efficiently as a stenographer Secretarial Assistant in later years. And by doing so, you can build up a solid profile in a highly competitive labor market. In fact, a number of major companies regularly offer on-the- job training to fresh Trade certificate holders, under the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) launched in 2016.

Stenographer Secretarial Assistant

Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English)Job Profile

There are good Job oppenings for candidates trained in Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English). After successful completion of training, you are well equipped to work as a Stenographer Secretary and Administrative Assistant in various industry segments barring perhaps, the specialised set up with Legal or Medical background.

You will be quiet at home in a workplace of routine clerical and administrative functions such as drafting correspondence, scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files, or providing information to callers

Functions of a Stenographer Secretarial Assistant

The following is a comprehensive list of functions, tasks and responsibilities of a Stenographer Secretarial Assistant in normal circumstances:

  • Prepare and handle correspondence, reports, and documents
  • Organize and coordinate meetings, conferences, travel arrangements
  • Take, type, and distribute minutes of meetings
  • Implement and maintain office systems
  • Maintain schedules and calendars
  • Arrange and confirm appointments
  • Organize internal and external events
  • Handle incoming mail and other material
  • Set up and maintain filing systems
  • Set up work procedures
  • Collate information
  • Maintain databases
  • Communicate verbally and in writing to answer inquiries and provide information
  • Liaison with internal and external contacts
  • Coordinate the flow of information both internally and externally
  • Operate office equipment
  • Manage office supplies

Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English)Coaching Pattern

There are several reputed govt recognized institutes in India where you can study the course for Stenographer secretarial Assistant.

Stenographer secretarial Assistant Course Admission Eligibility

  • You must have passed 10th Class from a recognized School Board in India

The main objective of the course is to eduate and train students on professional skills and knowledge and thereby increase their employability. The Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English) trade course is for a period of one year in two six-monthly semesters.

First Semester

In this semester the main focus will be to introduce things in an understandable way to a student who just passed out his 10th class exam. Many things are new to him. To begin with, the student will be required to learn about safety and environment, artificial respiratory resuscitation, etc.

You will get to know the idea about the computer hardware & its peripherals, classification of consonants, ling and short vowels, Logograms, Grammalogues Contraction & use of ‘the’ /punctuation mark, Final Hooks, List the prefixes, List the suffixes, Identify the monetary units & use it and shorthand, translation, and note-taking techniques and applies on the computer for speed typing in MS-Word.

First Semester- Syllabus for Stenographer Secretarial Assistant Trade Under CTS System

Trade TopicsTrade Theory
IntroductionCareer opportunities in the Industry; Different types of establishments;
Related job opportunities; Organizational hierarchy, Attributes of a Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant; Duties and responsibilities of a Secretary / Stenographer; Inter-departmental coordination.
Shorthand, ConsonantsDefinition, Classification, Arrangements and directions, Table of consonants, Joining of Strokes
VowelsLong & Short Vowel, Dot & Dash Vowel, Places of Vowel, Following and preceding vowel, Intermediate vowel, Places for joined strokes & vowel
Short FormsLogograms, Grammalogues, Contractions, Use of the tick, ‘The’ in phrasing, Punctuation Marks.
Dipthongs &Definition, Signs, Places of Dipthongs, Triphthongs
Computer FundamentalsIntroduction, Definition, Utility, and types of Computers
Computer HardwareDefinition & Introduction, Motherboard & Processor, Input, Output & Storage devices.
Windows Operating SystemIntroduction, Log on accounts & Passwords, Minimizing, Windows resizing & Moving, Closing Windows, Windows Menu, Tool Bar, Task Bar, Start Button, Shutting down Windows., Desktop, Windows Explorer, Control Buttons, Open, Cut, Copy & Paste etc.
Computer Keyboard FunctionsFunction Keys, Letter Keys & Caps Lock, Number Keys & Special Character, Keys, Numeric KeyPad & Numeric Lock, Space Bar, Tab, Control, Insert, Alt & Delete Keys, BackSpace, Arrow Keys, Page UP, Page Down, Home & End Keys
Alternative forms of Semi Vowels &
their uses
W & Y, Abbreviated W, Semicircle of Y or Diaphone U, Triphone
Computer Keyboard OperationsSitting Method, Sight & Touch Methods, Practicing Home Row, Upper Row, & Bottom Row Keys Shift Key Operation and Number
Row, Alternative form of Aspirate H, Tick & Dot H, Downward H Stroke & Upward Sh Stroke
MS WordProcessing with MS- Word, Use of Different Menus like
entering, Selecting, Deleting, Copying, Cutting and Pasting, Finding and replacing Text, Use of AutoCorrect, Formatting with Word, Inserting Numbers, Bullets Paragraphs formatting
The CircleSmall circle for S & Z, Circle and the strokes, Circle S with H stroke,
Stroke L and circle S.
Computer Speed TypingSpeed Calculation, Signs & Symbols, Roman Numbers, Capitalizations of Letters, Display, Counting Errors, Calculating speed and errors, Evaluation & Marking Scheme
Large CircleLarge Initial Circle for SW, Use of large circle, Medially and finally, Circle and vowel places.
The loopsSmall Loop of ST/SD, Large loop for STR
Initial small hooksR & L Hooks, SHR & SHL hooked strokes, Vowels and double consonants
Compound ConsonantsInitial large hooks of WH/ WHL/KY/ GY/ KW/ GW/ MP/ MB strokes.
Final HooksN & F/V small hooks, Hooks and Vowels, Circles and Loops with finally, hooked strokes.
Large Final(Shun Hook) Use of Shun after Circle, Use of shun hook after certain strokes
Halving PrinciplesHalving of Strokes for T or D, Halving of M,N,L,R, for D, Halving of MP/MB/NG hooked et
Doubling PrinciplesDoubling of Strokes for TR & DR, Doubling of MP/MB/NG and L Strokes, etc.
Prefixes & SuffixesDefinition, Use and representative lines
IntersectionMonetary Units & Round Figures
ContractionFormation and uses, Essential Vowels
Simple Letter WritingSimple Letters writing in shorthand and Useful Note Taking

First Semester Examiantion

  • Trade Theory (max Marks 30)
  • Trade Practical (max Marks 100

(A)Shorthand Practical ParticularsMarks
01Dictation of any revisionary exercisee @ 60 WPM of 300 Words in 50 Minutes40
02Writing of shorthand outlines for short forms & phrases (Grammalogues, Logograms and Contractions) etc.20

(B.) Computer Application Practical ParticularsMarks
03Typing of passage on computer containing at least 200 words with observing the page display rules and take the print out of the same in 10 minutes.20
04Typing of the text in tabular form at least 5 columns and 10 rows and take the print out of the same in 30 minutes20

Second Semester

In the second semester, the students will be taught to experiment with the MS Office and its main components such as MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint Presentation. This includes giving more insights into MS-Powerpoint, prepare and demonstrate MS-PowerPoint Presentation etc. Tasks such as creating E-Mail ID, correspondence through the mail, filling up online forms and documents for registration, etc, are some of the routines to work with. Other focus areas include Labelling the office layout, Name the dispatch and diary register & maintain the computer from virus effect, Identify all types of files, etc.

The trainees will be made to familiarise themselves with several tasks including booking tickets for rail, bus, air, and hotels, identify all types of official tools & equipment, Observe all types of postal services, Prepare all types of letters, notices, agendas, minutes, reports, circulars & memorandum. Trainees will also be trained to maintain a calendar of event and general Banking Correspondence as well.

Second Semester- Syllabus for Stenographer Secretarial Assistant Trade Under CTS System

Trade TopicsTrade Theory
Office SecretaryDefinition, Qualities, Qualification & Types of Secretary, Professional, personal duties and Functions of Office Secretary
Related WorksApplication Writing, Complaint Writing, Social Letters like Informal Letters/ Invitation Letters/ Congratulation Letters, Thanks Giving Letters/ Condolence, Letters etc. and letters to the editors, General Banking Correspondence
Office EnvironmentImportance, Elements like Light, Temperature, Moisture, Ventilation,
Noise, Interior Decoration, cleanliness, and Safety, Office Stationery, Office Forms and Manuals, Types of Office Stationery, Computer viruses, Use of Anti-Virus, Precautions & Scanning.
Office EquipmentPrinciple for selection of Office equipment. Types of Office Equipment & Mailing Room equipment, Photocopier, and Communicating equipment.
Duplicating Machine, Intercom & EPBX, Electronic Stencil Cutter, Personal Computer, Internet, FAX, Photostat, etc.
Postal ServicesPost Office Services, Importance of Pin Code, Postcard, Registered Letters, Ordinary, Insured Letters, Parcels, Business Reply Postcards, VPP, UPC, Monetary Services, etc., Speed Post and Courier Services, Types of Telegrams and other useful Postal Services: Post Bag, Post box, etc.
MS OfficeIntroduction, Importance of Office, Departments of Office, Functions, Duties, Characteristics of Office Manager, Office Layout, Types of Office Layout, Open and Private Office.
MS- ExcelOpening a Workbook; Entering text in worksheets, Editing Excel, Selecting & editing cell contents, Saving & Printing, Inserting/deleting data, rows, and columns, Worksheet ranges using cut, copy and paste
Method; Using Formulas and functions, Arithmetic, logic, trigonometry,
Relative and absolute cell referencing; Formatting worksheets, Align center, left, right and justify cell contents, Using charts, chart types, selecting data, modifying charts.
MS Power-PointIntroduction of PPT, Presenting documents in Powerpoint, add graphics to the document, Create a self-running presentation, Layouts, themes, and designs, Adding clip arts, diagrams, pictures, tables, and charts. Building animation effects, Transitions, Speaker notes, Copying a presentation to a CD/DVD/Pen drives, Editing and Printing presentations/ slides.
Identification of various filesFiling Meaning of Records, Compilation, and Classification
InternetIntroduction to Internet
NetworkingLAN, MAN, WAN Using internet, Sending and receiving e-mail messages; Searching, Information from websites by the use of search engines

Second Semester Examiantion

  • Trade Theory (max Marks 30)
  • Trade Practical (max Marks 100)

(A)Shorthand Practical ParticularsMarks
01Dictation @ 80 WPM of an unseen passage of 400 words and transcription in 40 minutes on Computer.40

(B.) Computer Application Practical ParticularsMarks
02Job- I Speed Test @40 WPM for typing of a Paragraph for 10 Minutes and Print out of the same20
03Job- II Typing of a Correspondence in prescribed format and Print out of the same20
04Job- III Preparation of Bill in MS- Excel and printout of the same20

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